The Frayler Library houses the webmaster's collection of fanfiction devoted to Trixie Belden and her fellow Bob-Whites of the Glen. A variety of stories and entire universes feature the characters as young adults. Please note: As a member of the Jixemitri Author community, stories are rated according to the Jixemitri Story Ratings star system.


Seuss Universe link
              Includes The Places She’ll Go stories as well as other stories titled from the works of Theodore Giesel.
Time and Season Universe link
              and a time to every purpose under Heaven… Located in the Library’s restricted section. Must be 18 or over to access.
Undercover Angel Universe link
              Located in Mystery and thriller section of the library. Trixie is undercover working for a federal agency.
Short Stories link
              For those times when a book is too long!
Secret Six Universe link
              Sleepyside may be a quiet small town in Westchester County, or it could be much more!


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